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Saying Farewell to High School

June 3, 2017

The hardest thing about graduating from high school is parting with the teachers you have grown so close to over the years. There are teachers who put so much effort into their classes, inspiring and empowering their students to learn and to succeed. These are the teachers who are the hardest to say goodbye to. But, the truth is; your teachers were preparing you to leave all along. They want you to go out into the world armed with as much information as possible to tackle all the big issues. The most difficult part for me is by far saying farewell to my upper classmates. My years in high school were spent building close and memorable connections with friends. Seeing everyone moving off to fulfill their respective dreams and ambitions certainly make me wonder about my future. It’s funny how we all start from the same beginnings, but end up in completely different places in life. It makes me regret not doing more to get to know more people at my school. The lesson here is to meet and talk with as many people as you can while you still have the opportunity. Luckily for our generation, there are social media sites so that we can still maintain some sort of contact after graduating from high school. So this is it, the very last days of the life we have grown so comfortable with. Saying farewell to high school allows us to keep all the great memories while still moving forward in our lives and to change the world as adults. And with this, best of luck and congratulations, Class of 2017!

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