#GOALS: The CHHS Girls Soccer Team Has Grit


Ava Kendrena, Staff Writer

The girl’s varsity soccer team at Chino Hills High School knows what it means to persevere through any challenge that comes their way. This season was anything but typical for the Lady Huskies, and they had to face many obstacles that were out of their control. For instance, a major adjustment the team had to make was adapting to the leadership of a new coach. When former coach Andy Plasencia was unexpectedly fired mid-season, the girls knew they all had to step up in order to continue to have a good season. 

having fun keeps us motivated for the games”

— Katie O’ Bryant

Fortunately, the lack of leadership did not define the season for the Lady Huskies. Each individual on the team made sure to stay focused and committed, even though it was not always easy. Practices under the new coach were “Sometimes hard to take seriously”, according to junior captain, Katie O’ Bryant, “but talking to each other and having fun keeps us motivated for the games”. Despite the disorganization, the soccer program endured this year, the team was able to maintain a decent overall record of 7-6-1. The teamwork and friendship that the team possesses is one of the clear indicators of their success. Traditions such as having dinner after practice, and constant team bonding parties gave them the motivation they needed to push through the challenges and complete the season on a good note.

The strong mentality of the girl’s soccer team is inspiring and impressive, and the girls have made it a goal of theirs to continue to have this mindset in the following seasons to come. This grit the team showed this year truly defined their season, and as long as they keep working hard, they will definitely have success for seasons to come.