Netflix’s Love is Blind is the Internet’s Favorite Social Experiment- But Should we Take its Hypothesis Seriously?


LOVE IS BLIND - participants go on a series of dates in pods.

Isabella Kendrena, Staff Writer

Netflix’s latest reality show Love Is Blind has taken the internet by storm. On the show, single males and females participate in an “experiment” to test the hypothesis, “Is love blind?” In order to do so, the participants go on a series of dates in “pods”, where they talk to each other through a wall, unable to see what the other person looks like. While the show was incredibly entertaining, dramatic, and fun to watch, there were many flaws throughout the “experiment” that I think needs to be pointed out. 

One of the most bothersome aspects of the experiment was that the participants had a time limit of only 38 days to get engaged and married. This resulted in some couples getting engaged in 2-3 weeks. Relationships typically require at least a year to get to know the other person properly. How can you know if you truly love someone in only a manner of weeks? Not to mention, how once engaged, the couples were allowed to see what each other looked like. This could mean that the proposals were not motivated by love, but instead by the curiosity of knowing what the other person looked like. This would defeat the whole purpose of the experiment, so if I were to change anything, I would revoke the time limit that was set on the participants, and not make it a requirement to get married. (Even though I know that is what makes the show entertaining.) I think it is still possible to fall in love with someone, without being immediately ready for marriage, and I wished the show portrayed that. 

Ultimately, the show contained much drama and entertainment, which is the reason for its extreme popularity. I would recommend the show to anyone who enjoys unrealistic reality television shows, but as far as the experiment goes, I think it did a poor job trying to prove that love is blind. Only two out of the eight couples got married, but I believe the marriages, or at least lasting relationships, would have increased if the couples spent more time getting to know each other.