The Academic Decathlon Wins Awards in Each Category


Photo by Howler Staff

The Howler interviews the CHHS Academic Decathlon team.

Noa Noh, Editor in Chief

As one of the largest and most popular academic competitions in the United States, the Academic Decathlon has never failed to generate excitement among the participating students and their respective schools. The Academic Decathlon is a county-wide competition with 23 schools and over 40 teams total over the course of two weekends at Los Osos High School. Students competed in ten categories: speech, interview, math, economics, literature, art, music, history, science, and essay. There was also a “Superquiz” event that took place on the second weekend. 

The teams have students in each division based on their grade point average: Honors (3.8-4.0), Scholastic (3.79-3.0), and Varsity (2.9-0.00). 

Preparing for the Decathlon is an extensive and tiring process because of the vast range of subjects it offers and the need to thoroughly know the material, but the rewards that the winning teams reap are ones that are well worth the effort. Students have the chance to gain national recognition. 

For the Chino Hills High School team, there were many awards won in each category. In the Superquiz round, the Junior Varsity team won 1st place. In Economics, Andrew Herrera (Senior) and Henry Chen (Senior) won 1st place. In the Interview round, Zeeshan Zaidi won 1st place. In the Essay round, Tristan Riker won 2nd place. In the Math round, Andrew Herrera (Senior) won first place. In the Art round, Bevin Beuman won 1st place. Receiving individual medals were important to the team because they competed against over 125+ other students in each of their categories.