The Whole Coronavirus Situation


Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter

Due to the Coronavirus now being a nationally recognized epidemic, almost all schools in the United States of America have been ordered to close for a certain amount of time. This includes our own school, Chino Hills High School. This means that CHHS students will now have an extended spring break, and we will be doing school work online after the break.

School has currently been postponed till May 1st.”

This news was met with both positive and negative reception. On the one hand, some students were excited by the fact that they no longer had to go to school; instead, they could just relax at home. On the other hand, some students worried about how they would complete the classwork for online school and said they would miss seeing their friends. 

The Coronavirus has caused much panic in our country. Many people are rushing to supermarkets, trying to buy as much toilet paper and food as they can. This has caused the shelves of the supermarkets to become barren and empty, with employees rushing to fill them in order to satisfy the next huge wave of customers.

I believe when it comes to this whole Coronavirus situation is that we should be cautious yet not too anxious. Many people have just regarded the Coronavirus as being “nothing serious”. While it is true that the Coronavirus mainly kills the elderly or people with a weak immune system, you yourself can still get infected. This means that you are a “carrier” of the virus and you can potentially infect others.  This is why it is important to stay in isolation in our homes until the quarantine period is finally over. The fewer people there are infected with Coronavirus, the more people can be treated by doctors in hospitals. 

It is important to listen and read trustworthy medical sources that provide the correct information about Coronavirus. This includes the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Remember to always wash your hands. Also, remember to practice basic hygiene every day. Stay safe Huskies, and try to have a wonderful spring break!