Coronavirus a Widespread Pandemic

Empty grocery store shelves

Photo by Paige Faia

Empty grocery store shelves

Paige Faia, Staff Reporter/Photographer

As you can see the coronavirus has been spread around like a wildfire. I think people shouldn’t make a big deal about it on social media. They should be watching the news and finding the facts, and not some rumor that was posted. People should take extra precautions, like buying the basic necessities and following the health instructions, but there should be the need to buy useless things that others may need. A couple of ways people should follow the health and safety precautions would be washing your hands and staying away from big groups of people. On March 19th, 2020 Governor Gavin Newsom Issued a statewide order “Stay at Home.” Newsom said, “You could still walk your dog, get food, but stay away from gatherings and groups of people.” 

This global pandemic is a struggle for those who have the virus and for those whose jobs and schools are closed. Businesses and letting off many workers and people are worried about the loss of their jobs, and how they are going to get money. The government will provide financial assistance to people and businesses. Students will also receive lunches and technology to do online schooling during this time. Spectrum Internet is also offering students 60 days free to aid their schooling. We all need to stay calm during these rough times and make sure to stay clean and healthy.