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About Me In This Pandemic.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, I was trying to apply for a job at Albertsons, and I got in. The

outbreak happened and I was working a lot and I barely had any days off. It was hectic at the

store and it looked so unreal. People were buying a lot of food, excess of toilet paper, and it was

just so unreal. The shelves at Albertsons were empty and everything was scarce. It looked like

some apocalyptic movie and it seemed that way. It was crazy how people were so self-centered

and didn’t care about other’s needs. Then as soon as the whole craze of stocking up on food

simmered down, online schooling became a thing because school was shut down. Recently I’ve

been trying to balance my time with schoolwork and working at Albertsons. It’s a little difficult

because after work I’m exhausted, but I’m going to pull through. In my free time I play video

games and workout whenever I get the chance to. Its been pretty boring recently with staying at

home most of the time and not being able to go out with friends I miss so many things like

seeing my girlfriend and family. It kinda shows people how they take some things in life for

granted, like being able to go to the beach whenever. I’m hoping that people are following the

social distancing rules and following up with the protocols on keeping them safe and others. Life

has changed so much these past weeks, it feels like we live in a whole different world. It’s really

hard to believe that a virus can change everything and I’m still trying to adjust to this new

lifestyle we have to live. I can’t wait for the day that this outbreak will end. I’m trying to stay

positive and productive for now, but hopefully, it will end soon.

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