Chino Hills High School Makes the News With “Virtual Prom” Video


Photos and Video by CHHS students

Ava Kendrena, Staff Reporter

Chino Hills High School seniors did not let their canceled prom stop them from celebrating and having fun the best way that they could. In a video produced by our very own CHHS digital club, Husky seniors are shown on Zoom and FaceTime calls with their friends in the outfits that they would have worn to Prom on April 18. The video also shows seniors dancing alone with flashing lights in their rooms, and simply making the most of this unique situation. 

In order to keep the tradition of Prom alive, Chino Hills ASB also continued having a prom court. Voting took place online, and all seniors had an opportunity to win. The winners were Macie Isley and Brett Chavez, and they were featured in the virtual prom video wearing their sashes and crowns. 

Shortly after this video was posted to the CHHS YouTube channel, local news station ABC 7 Los Angeles got a hold of the video and played it on the air for SoCal residents to enjoy. This video goes to show that a little creativity and positivity will go a long way during these uncertain times! Our seniors really know how to stay #HuskyStrong!