Tokyo Olympics Moved to Summer of 2021


Julia Craig, Staff Reporter

The Summer Olympics was postponed due to the coronavirus.  The International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government agreed that it was a safe and responsible move.  It has been delayed to the summer of 2021.  As of right now, the new dates are July 23 through August 8.  This is not surprising, considering the pandemic and the uncertainty leading into the summer.  This news comes as frustration and disappointment to athletes, but safety is the priority.  The IOC said the Olympics will not be any later than the summer of 2021.  This raises a lot of questions because of how large crowds are during the Olympics, especially in a big city such as Tokyo.

The biggest thing to consider is the large crowds.  Right now with social distancing, large gatherings, such as the Olympics are not the best idea.  There is not much people can do right now, except hope for the best.  The Olympics being moved definitely threw a wrench in the athletes’ training plans.  Nothing is concrete right now which makes it tough for the athletes, especially the ones that are not getting any younger.  While this may seem like a bad thing, some athletes are trying to look at this from the bright side.  With the Olympics in 2021, athletes would be in the spotlight all year.  With international soccer championships, swimming competitions, and other sports competing regionally, Olympic athletes would be in the public spotlight all year long. This is a confusing time for not only the athletes but the whole world.  All we can do is sit back and relax.