Panic Buying is a Natural Response


Cissy Lu, Staff Reporter

As COVID-19 spreads and more cases are confirmed, panic around the world grows. People are stocking up on essential goods such as toilet paper, masks, and disinfectants. Families who need essentials the most find themselves in a tough situation, unable to purchase food and other household items. Fights often occur in grocery stores over a limited stock of essentials. 

Panic buying is a natural response that is associated with fear in stressful situations such as COVID-19 pandemic. Dry foods such as pasta, cereals, and rice are constantly sold out, leaving many consumers out of options. Not only are household items and consumables being sold out, but medical supplies for patients are also high in demand. Since there is a high demand for these supplies, many sellers participate in price-gouging or the absurd inflation of prices for goods. 

Some consumers have found themselves driving farther distances to certain grocery stores to stock up on food and other supplies. Because supplies are limited, many people rely on e-commerce sites like Amazon and online delivery services for essentials. With the influx of online orders, packages arrive later than the normally expected delivery times.

Some grocery stores have come up with solutions to the shortage of supplies like limiting how many goods one household can purchase. Amazon has also cracked down on price-gouging and the inflation of prices of essential goods.