Bioluminescent Waves Dazzle Across Southern California Beaches


Isabella Kendrena, Staff Reporter

Beautiful glowing waves are creating quite the buzz amongst Southern Californians. Bioluminescent waves occur due to algal bloom, meaning a large number of microorganisms in the water. During the day when it is sunny, the water has a cloudy, red, hue. However, at night the organisms become agitated by wave movements, causing the glowing neon color that beachgoers have become so fond of. Fellow Chino Hills High School senior, went to San Clemente State Beach on May 7 to see the wondrous waves for herself. She said this about the experience, “It was really pretty. I thought you’d be able to see them really well but it was kinda hard because of the moonlight.

Every time there was a big wave you could see the flashes of blue”

— Alison Keller

But every time there was a big wave you could see the flashes of blue, which was really cool.” According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it is unclear how long the bioluminescence will last in southern California, but hopefully, by the time stay at home orders are lifted, all Southern Californians will be able to check out the beautiful waves for themselves.