Virtual Graduation: What this Means For Seniors All Around The Country


Parker Cameron, Staff Reporter

Graduation is considered to be a right of passage for any young adult. This can finally show to some parents that their kids are all grown up and ready to move on to bigger and better things. Most graduation ceremonies are done in gyms or auditoriums in front of a crowd of parents and friends. Unfortunately for the class of 2020, it seems that they will never get this chance. Due to the coronavirus most schools all around the nation have been shut down until further notice.

This has seemed to put a damper on graduation unfortunately. Although most schools will be doing a digital graduation, Chino Hills High School will be doing something different. They will be doing a Drive-up graduation. This allows all the students that are graduating to drive up to a stage where someone will be handing out the diplomas, allowing the graduates to receive their diplomas in person. I personally really like this idea because it allows the graduates to at least have human contact with someone else besides just talking to a computer. All graduates were also able to pick up their graduation gown, cap, and cords. Some other schools like USC took a more digital approach, having about 20,000 students graduate just online. Although times like this can be stressful and tough to manage the commitment that schools have in trying to make the graduation as normal as possible can be admired.