Food Review: Trader Joe’s Ube Pancake


Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter

Earlier this week, I went to the supermarket Trader Joe’s and bought one of their new products: Ube Mochi Pancake and Waffle Mix. From the cover, it looked delicious and I had liked many of Trader Joe’s boxed food mixes before in the past. Besides, I had always liked Ube, and I liked pancakes too.

For those who don’t know, Ube is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. It has a vibrant violet color and tastes very sweet. The taste of Ube has been described to taste slightly similar to vanilla. Ube is often used in Filipino desserts. Recently, Ube has had an increase in popularity, especially here in the United States. Due to Ube becoming somewhat trendy, it is common to see Ube ice cream, cheesecake, pudding, and other desserts all over social media.

Despite it being quarantined, these Ube pancakes from Trader Joe’s have become a big hit among the people. According to an article by Karla Walsh from the Eating Well website, this Ube pancake mix has been “taking over the Internet”.

Before I bought the Ube pancake mix, I didn’t know it had become so popular. It was only after when I had bought it that I found out. Is it really that good? Yes, it is.

The Ube pancakes were absolutely delicious! The taste was great and they tasted very similar to how Ube naturally tastes. The texture was also pretty great, too. Due to the Mochi and rice flour added into the mix, the texture came out chewy. My mother and sister also agreed with me, as they also thought the Ube pancakes were tasty. I had my Ube pancakes with some butter on top, which made a great combination.

The Ube pancakes were also pretty easy to make. It took about ten minutes for me. Besides the mix, all I needed to add were eggs, butter, and water.  I’ll definitely be buying more of the Ube pancake mix in the future! Trader Joe’s certainly did a fantastic job making it.