Netflix’s She-Ra!


Joshua Ganigan, Staff Reporter

I’ve finally done it! In only two weeks I’ve watched all 4 seasons of Netflix’s She-Ra! I must admit, though I thought it was going to be some kind of girly-girl show. It was originally intended for seven-year-olds, after all. However, when I watched it, I was surprised that it kind of dealing with some issues that were… maybe a bit extreme for its age range… It was nothing like what I expected at all. There was action, there was adventure, and there was drama (a LOT of drama…).

Season 5  just came out, so I’m going to try to watch it. The entire plot and story took a lot of turns and crazy twists that I would have never seen coming. There are crazy plot lines for the characters that we would never suspect, almost like Emperor Palpatine! The whole thing, the entire She-Ra story, is just one giant plan by a long-gone ancient civilization!

Characters in the original have changed dramatically. In the original, one of the antagonists: Catra, was… well… interesting. But in this one, she’s really different. She’s a tragic character, whose motives we can understand. Fueled by feelings of loss and rejection, most of which were inflicted upon herself! Hordak, the main antagonist in the first four seasons, was like any other cartoon villain in the 80’s. Dumb, foolish, an idiot, but in this one, he changed! He’s a technological genius, also fueled by rejection, but has shown some form of (possible) romantic interest in some characters.

This show was nothing at all what I thought it would be, and I’m so glad it is! I thought it would be some cheap 2-D series with bad animation and a girly-girl story about friendship and getting along! But it’s not! And I love it. Well, Season 5 is on Netflix, now. If I was able to finish it in two weeks, I bet you could too. I totally recommend it. So what are you waiting for? If you want to finish before season six you might want to get started.

No, wait. Never mind. This is apparently the final season. So… I guess you can just watch it whenever you want now I guess…