Photo by Nicholas Grobecker

Nicholas Grobecker, Staff Reporter

Usually when I open an article with a title that is on some level creative or adds something to the title other than the topic. However, with the current situation as we as a student body approaches our graduation, I feel as though a spunky title would be somewhat tone-deaf in regards to how quarantine makes us all feel.

I want to take a moment to go over how quarantine has impacted my life, as well as how I perceive the world at the moment because of it. I’m personally an extremely political person but I will avoid being super specific with any worries I have with how the situation is being handled. Now on the topic of the quarantine, for one thing personally I have begun to notice how little I actually leave my own home, for being stuck inside; while noticeable and definitely taxing; does not feel different for how I spend time outside of school. In that regard, I regret not putting in as much of an effort to spend time outside of my home more often before the quarantine.

I have been able to go on almost daily walks and bike rides while maintaining social distancing, and honestly being outside has felt so different than how it has at school. The air almost seems cooler and more refreshing, the colors of everything outside seem more vibrant and noticeable, and being outside in general just feels better than usual.

I know for certain that when it is safe to do so (whenever that may be) I will be putting in an active effort to go outside with friends or alone to see what I can experience. From beyond my own home, I tend to let native current events get me down heavily, for I worry greatly for the course our society is going towards. I worry that both our citizen population and our government aren’t taking the measures necessary and aren’t taking the situation seriously enough. It tends to get into my head, and I sometimes worry I’m one of the few who feels this way even when polls and studies say otherwise. It’s a scary time right now, and that combined with such an important time as graduation leads to what I will look back on as a very tumultuous and intense moment in my life. I hope anyone reading is staying safe and will be having a prosperous future.