Final Steps of the Year


Christopher Jones, Staff Reporter

As seniors are approaching our last day of the school year, the entire class of 2020 is left with a sense of injustice as we have had all of our important events taken away. It is important for those entering the real world to keep their head up, as we are about to be faced with countless new trials and tribulations that do not compare to the small petty squabbles of high schoolers.

We may feel that our senior year was stolen from us from the forces out of our control, but it’s important to look at what you can control. If you’re going to college, stay on top of important dates and make sure to sign up for your school’s orientation days. It is important to ensure you get all the classes that you need in order to graduate with the degree you wish. Make sure you are applying to all the school’s scholarship programs and maybe even look for a summer part-time job to help with the payment of your higher education.

If you aren’t taking the college route, maybe look for an apprenticeship in order to become well acquainted with a new line of work. Look for some part-time jobs to start saving up money to help better your future. The current state of the world may be grim, but it is important to always push forward and look for ways to better yourself as we are all about to be active members of society.