Fruit Bats


Aleetse Martinez, Staff Reporter

Fruit bats like all animals are very important in the animal world because they help the forest regrow. They also help keep the many insects at night population down. There are many species of fruit bats from the small microbats to the flying foxes. Thanks to these amazing flying mammals many plants can grow with fewer insects to deal with.

Not like their fellow night hunter the owl, fruit bats can’t see very well in the pitch-black night. So these night hunters use echolocation, echolocation is when sound waves are sent out and bounce off an object. In this case, bats use this to navigate around as well as hunt. Since fruit bats are mammals they give birth. Like a koala or a kangaroo, the female bat carries her offspring until they are old enough to fly on their own.

As you can see fruit bats are amazing little critters. To the many different sizes, they come in or to the many types of species. These bats play a big role in the animal world. Big or small they are truly remarkable.