How to Prepare for This Year’s Online AP Exams


Isabella Kendrena, Staff Writer

Due to COVID-19, this year’s AP exams are being held online, and each test is designed differently than how they would normally be structured under typical circumstances. Many students may be confused or anxious for this year’s exams considering the format is something they are simply not used to, but here are some tips to help prepare for test day: Gather all of your resources ahead of time: In case you haven’t heard, the AP exams this year will be open-note. Make sure you take some time a few days before the test to gather any resources, handouts, notes, or worksheets that you may find useful while taking the test.

Find the most comfortable space in your house to take the exam: Since there is a time limit on the exam, you must ensure that you work in an area where there are as few distractions as possible. It is also helpful if you work in an area with a desk or table so that you have a place to keep your handouts and resources readily available.

Practice the AP exam demo: If you go to the College Board website and log into your AP account, there is a test demo available for you to practice and get situated with the format of this year’s exam. Check out the College Board Youtube Channel: College Board has been posting a series of virtual review videos for every subject on their YouTube channel. They are great ways to review the information and prepare for the content of your test.