Not So Traditional School Closure


Noa Noh, Editor-in-Chief

Due to the coronavirus, the world is facing a pandemic. And, unfortunately, this has caused many seniors to struggle in finding closure to their last year of high school. Unlike other seniors before, the class of 2020 will be missing out on spring traditions and special events such as prom, graduation, grad night, senior trips to Disneyland, and other celebrations. 

These traditions such as prom are an important cultural experience for most high schoolers, as it is glorified through movies and television shows, books, and parent’s old photos. As a senior, I was disappointed when I first heard that prom got canceled because it would have been my first time to finally attend a school dance and a day to feel like a princess. I was also bummed out that I would be missing out on the senior trip to Disneyland. But most importantly, not being able to create memories that would have been the most cherished memories when I looked back on high school years from now. 

However, missing out on prom and other events does not mean that the world is ending. I am thankful for being able to create happy memories with classmates and my friends throughout all four years of high school. Although high school won’t end with a traditional graduation, I will be able to move on knowing that I worked hard and am able to attend college during the fall if the state reopens. 

Through unfortunate situations, it is always important to look on the bright side and think about the things that bring you happiness and the things that you are grateful for. As a senior who will be graduating soon, looking back, I really encourage all underclassmen to participate in school events because the memories that you make and the events you experience with your classmates will be the things you will miss when you leave high school.