Will School Change Forever After the Pandemic? 

Will School Change Forever After the Pandemic? 


Noa Noh, Editor-in-Chief

Coronavirus, Pandemic, and Social Distancing. These words seemed foreign to us not so long ago, but it is now something that has created drastic changes to our lives. Specifically, the pandemic has forced teachers and schools to change how they educate students. When this pandemic ends, I believe that there will be certain aspects of the school that will change forever, but some that will stay normal.

There are many aspects that most students may miss about going to school. Such aspects include friends, teachers, sports, extracurricular activities, and enjoying lunch together with friends. Challenges come with distance learning too, like struggling to understand assignments without the necessary guidance from teachers, getting easily distracted, and not having a reliable internet connection.

Even though I miss school at times, there are also aspects of remote learning that I absolutely enjoy, such as getting work done at my own pace, setting a schedule that I can rely on, and being free from the sometimes stressful and competitive environment of school.

I do not think that traditional classrooms will immediately turn into virtual classrooms. However, I believe that there will be important lasting impacts such as the incorporation of online tools, which are being exposed for the first time, into traditional classes. Currently, the vast majority of interactions happening is through online digital tools such as Zoom, others have directed students to online tutoring and practice programs, and posting videos. Online tools can be helpful in enhancing in-person instruction, instead of a direct replacement for it, which will allow teachers to focus more on engaging students and mentoring them.

Teachers have been underappreciated superheroes”

One’s well being will no longer be dismissed easily. Being well is an essential precondition for achieving. I hope that this distance learning will also teach teachers that students are happier and even more motivated to learn if they have more time outside of school to do things that they like to do. Several of my friends are on sports teams both for school and club teams, and most of them were sleep-deprived from coming home from practices and staying up for unhealthy hours to do homework every night. It would improve their lives drastically if they went to practice and did not have to stress over the amount of homework they had when they got home.

Teachers have been underappreciated superheroes. After this period of absent face to face teaching, we should completely drop our bags and show more gratitude for our teachers.

Most importantly, students will definitely have a hard time adjusting back to the traditional 7:30- 2:30 school schedule that most of us were so well adjusted before the pandemic. Everyone during this distance learning period has the luxury of getting work done on a schedule they could rely on, but this is done at different times. Once states allow schools to begin reopening, many students will find difficulty in adjusting back to their “normal” schedules, and I believe that the district should fix schedules for students’ benefits.

Overall, online learning is a new experience for all of us. It may be stressful for some and beneficial for others. Everyone has their own preferences and paces that they work at like everything else in life, online learning has its pros and cons. It will teach new lessons for students and teachers, but I do not believe that it will overtake the traditional learning methods once the pandemic ends.