Hobbies That I Have Rediscovered During Quarantine 


Photo by Noa Noh

Noa Noh, Editor-in-Chief

Quarantine may be a period of boredom or restlessness for some, but I have decided that it is important not to waste your time during a period of endless time where you can spend the time doing things that you love or discovering new things about yourself.

I have always loved reading ever since I was able to read. And ever since high school began, it had become something I would always try to do later but never accomplish due to loads of schoolwork and extracurricular activities that were being bombarded on me. Now, with an endless amount of time,

I have been able to rediscover my passion for simply relaxing on my patio with a good book in hand, being absorbed into the narrative, and my imagination. Some books that I recommend reading are Pachinko by Min Jin Lee, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell (I recommend any Gladwell books if you are a fan of psychology, even if you aren’t all of them are interesting and delve into the human mind) and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

Another passion that I have always had but never was able to spend too much time doing is cooking. As a Korean, I love learning how to cook the dishes that I have grown up with. A particular dish that is my favorite to make is 떡볶이, Tteokbokki, or Korean spicy rice cakes- a loved Korean comfort food, that may be too spicy for those with an inexperienced spicy palette, but still amazingly delicious to enjoy.

I also spend a lot of time during the course of the day learning more about Christian theology. As a believing Christian, I go to church (of course not during this lockdown!) and my church is currently doing an Old Testament reading plan since March. As a New Year’s goal, my church set a goal as a congregation to try finishing the entire bible this year. I am still reading the New Testament but I plan to catch up to the old testament soon!

To stimulate my brain, I have also been learning languages. Korean is not a new language to me, however, I struggle to converse and properly writing it. Although I can read without a lot of help, I still need to unrest the language so I have been using the popular language site: Talktomeinkorean.com. I also plan to start learning French after Korean!

Being cramped up inside the house 24/7 is not a good thing for your physical and mental wellbeing, so I have also tried to create a stretching routine in the mornings every day, and learning yoga in my backyard to gain mobility and endorphins to motivate me to finish tasks throughout the day. I have also tried making it routine of walking my dog and going on bike rides outside every week with my siblings and parents, and of course, always wearing a mask and respecting the social distance rule.

I hope that we may use this time wisely as a reflection of who we are, and learn not to be discouraged but motivated to become better versions of ourselves during this time of self-isolation so we may come out thriving once this quarantine is over!