Seniors Didn’t Have a Chance to Say Goodbye

Seniors Didn't Have a Chance to Say Goodbye

Christopher Jones, Staff Reporter

On April 1 st, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsome officially shut down schools for the rest of the school year. This news has led to mass heartbreak in the graduating class of 2020. All the students of the graduating class of 2020 have seemed to all banned together in a mass feeling of extreme despair. Students have already begun saying their goodbyes and people have begun to realize that all the senior activities that they had been waiting for would no longer occur.

The sudden realization that the four years in high school for the seniors will come to a sudden anticlimactic end, is too hard for some students to bear. The mass wave of sadness seems to have hit every senior. Group chats full of students have been created to say goodbye and reminisce on happier times when everything seemed simple. Students are protesting in order to get their senior events pushed into summer so they can have their final goodbyes in person. The sudden outbreak has created much pain in the hearts of the students all across California and seniors are truly feeling the full impact of the decision to close the school.

Students at CHHS will have a Drive-thru graduation instead of the traditional graduation to acknowledge the hard work the seniors have put into their education over the last four years. Hopefully the class of 2020 will be able to retain some of their activities even if they have to be pushed until late summer. If nothing is done, the class of 2020 will go into the world without having a chance to truly say goodbye to a huge part of their lives.