An Amazing Tale of A WWII Veteran Who Has Proved Anyone Can Change The World


Captain Tom Moore

Parker Cameron, Staff Reporter

Nowadays it seems impossible to see the bright side of things. With all the violence, death, and famine in the world, it seems like on a regular day it is hard to keep a good attitude. Now add a worldwide pandemic and it seems impossible. When I heard about a WWII veteran who has currently raised 33 million dollars I knew I had to write about him. He decided that he wanted to walk 100 paces in front of his garden right before his 100th birthday.

His original goal was to raise about 1250 American dollars. He was hoping to gain the support of his little village in the UK but he quickly gained the support of people worldwide. He even got a special thank you from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Now only six days since the beginning of all of this more than half a million people have signed a petition for Captain Tom Moore to be knighted. Being knighted is a great honor and is only given to people who have done a great service to his or her country. He raised all this money for the NHS or the National Health Society. This being in the middle of this new disease that is affecting everyday life and you can only begin to realize how big this contribution is. Whether Captain Moore will be knighted or not is undecided one thing we can all agree on is that what he did was an amazing thing that won’t soon be forgotten.