Minecraft’s Nether Update



Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter

Minecraft version 1.16 was first announced during MINECON Live in 2019. It is the newest major update. This update focuses mainly on revamping and adding new features to the Nether dimension in Minecraft. Version 1.16 is set to release sometime in 2020.

Ever since it was announced, this update has been greatly anticipated and hyped by many fans. One of the main reasons why this update has garnered so much excitement is because it allows more potential for Nether exploration. 

Before this update, the Nether could be interesting for first-time players in Minecraft, but after a while, it could get repetitive and boring. I thought the mobs and fortresses in the Nether were pretty cool, but there was no true reason to explore the Nether. The place was inhabitable due to it’s hostile and brutal environment. 

The Nether update has made the Nether so much more fascinating and interesting. New biomes in the Nether were added. These new biomes are the warped forest, crimson forest, soul sand valley, and basalt deltas. Each of these new biomes is unique in their own different ways. They also look absolutely magnificent. New blocks and items have also been added into these biomes. These include the warped stem logs found in the warped forest and the black stone found in the basalt deltas. 

Many new mobs in the Nether have been added to the game. These include the Hoglin, Zoglin, Piglin, Zombie Piglin, and Strider. Hoglins are boar-like hostile mobs that spawn specifically in the crimson forest. Piglins are pig creatures who are quite similar to villagers. Like the villagers, they live in their own villages, which are called “Bastions”. They are hostile towards players unless the player is wearing gold armor or holding a gold ingot. Piglins can barter with players. The Zombie Piglin has replaced the Zombie Pigmen. Striders are passive mobs that serve as a vehicle for players to get across huge bodies of lava in the Nether.

The reason why the Nether update is so significant is because of the fact that it has added Netherite in the game. For those who don’t know, Netherite has replaced Diamond for the best-tier weapons, tools, and armor. Netherite is a very strong material, as it cannot be destroyed when thrown in the fire or lava. Netherite, however, is much harder to get than Diamond. It is quite a long process to craft Netherite weapons, tools, and/or armor. Netherite isn’t even an ore—to get it, you must first mine for ancient debris in the Nether.

Target blocks and crying obsidian have also been added in this update. Ruined Nether portals also now appear in both the Overworld and the Nether. Most Minecraft players and enthusiasts cannot wait for the release of the Nether update!