Easter Locked In: How My Family Celebrated In Quarantine


Ava Kendrena, Staff Reporter

On any other occasion, Easter is a time where my family spends the day together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the rise of Jesus from the dead. Normally, my family’s Easter celebrations would include a delicious and plentiful brunch, an Easter egg hunt, and a few fun games including my grandma’s favorite: Jelly Bean Bingo.

This year was obviously quite different from years past due to the safety protocols of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the virus is so contagious, my family was unable to celebrate Easter in the traditional way that we normally do, however, we still did our best to keep our family traditions alive. Although it is a little unconventional, my mom, dad, and sister woke up bright and early to eat pancakes for breakfast, and then we gathered in the living room to watch a live stream of our Easter mass. After we watched mass, we got ready for the day and participated in a Zoom call with the rest of my family. It was quite beautiful to see that although we were all away from each other, we still had the power of technology to bring us together. Through Zoom, we were still able to participate in some of our traditions, including Jelly Bean Bingo. 

Despite the fact that we had to celebrate Easter indoors this year, I am just thankful that I still got to talk and spend time with my family. Even though we are currently quarantined, this Easter taught me that there are still ways to celebrate and care for one another, and that is truly all that matters.