Everyone is an Artist in Their Own Way



Aleetse Martinez, Staff Reporter

As an artist myself and from a learning experience, I have learned that everyone learns how to draw differently with different art styles. There are many fun and unique ways artists can learn to draw. Finding your own art style and making your own original characters from scratch, you can draw anything from just your imagination.

That’s why I enjoy drawing, to put my stories into paper, and to watch them come to life. But drawing isn’t the only thing artists do, there are many kinds of artists such as a painter, a designer, and more. Since art has been around for so many years, it has changed a lot as well, from one thing to another art has also changed society. 

While growing up I loved to draw and read, and I would draw on any paper that I could find. Then I began getting sketchbooks to draw on, and to practice as well as learning more skills. That’s what you’d call traditional art, as it’s on paper. Now there’s more than paper to draw on like digital drawing tablets to draw digital art.

With many more ways to draw, artists can expand to more unique art styles as well. From animation, designing video games, or making movies. So to all the many artists out there, keep making art. Keep making your dreams come to life because everyone is an artist in their own way.