Interacting Virtually with Colleges 


Hannah Nelson, Staff Reporter

What is already an important and difficult decision for seniors about where they will be going to college in the fall has been made even more difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To follow state orders and to slow the spread of the virus, colleges across the country have canceled their admitted student events and any visits to their campuses. 

Many seniors find it daunting to commit to a college without ever having visited the campus, especially those who are contemplating moving out of state for college. It’s a big decision, and enrolling at a school without experiencing what it’s like there is a sizable risk. 

To reduce a part of this risk, most colleges have been creating virtual admitted student events from zoom events to webinars to phone calls, and encourage students to ask any questions they may have. Some colleges, like Fordham University, have designed “virtual tours” on their websites, which display pictures of the campus along with informational captions.

Despite this effort, many seniors feel these measures are not enough. Ani Sancianco, who was unable to visit any of her potential schools in northern California, said at first she didn’t want to attend virtual events because “It’s not the same. You don’t get immersed in the true culture and colors of the school and the students.” Since she didn’t really have any options, though, Ani did attend the virtual events with mixed results. Some were helpful, and some were not, either due to the speaker at the event, technical difficulties, or too many students attending the event. Alternatively, some of

Most seniors are in the same boat as Ani — they had to make a decision and quarantine is adding extra challenges to the process. Though colleges’ virtual events are a mixed bag, they show an effort by the schools to engage with students and help them through the decision process even in a difficult time.