My Reflection of the 2019-2020 School Year

My Reflection of the 2019-2020 School Year

Tiffany Chen, Staff Reporter

This year was my first year in high school. I was just a mere freshman. Yes, I was nervous and worried about what would happen in high school; yet I was also quite excited. I couldn’t wait to make new friends and to join new clubs. 

So far, Chino Hills High School has been great! There were certainly some ups and downs for me, but nonetheless my freshman year was pretty good. 

In this article, I’ll be doing a flashback and highlighting some of the most important events of this year. In the words of Matchbox Twenty, “let’s see how far we’ve come!”

We started this year off with a fair on the first day of school. There were various food trucks, inflatable bouncers, and obstacle courses set up for us students. I had a fun time talking and hanging out with my friends during the fair. The weather was way too hot that day, so I spent most of my time underneath the comforting shade of the trees.

Next, we had our fall sports rally. I really enjoyed this rally. It was filled with fun games and exciting performances. Almost everyone in the crowd was full of school spirit. This rally really hyped us up for the upcoming “Battle of the Bone” event, which was our football game against our rival school, Ayala High School.

By the third week of school, it was time for Club Rush! All of the clubs on campus were out advertising. They passed out flyers and candy. I joined a few different clubs. 

During early January, guest speaker Dee Hankins visited our school. He gave us a very touching and motivational speech. 

On February 21st, we had our jungle rally. This rally was also fantastic, and I believed that it was a step up from the first rally we had this year. One of my favorite parts of this rally was the “Class Comps”, dance routines that were performed by each class. 

It is quite unfortunate that the coronavirus pandemic has cut off our 2019-2020 school year short. Let’s hope things will get better in the next school year.