Gap Year?


Cissy Lu, Staff Reporter

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, more and more high school students are considering taking a gap year before heading off to higher education. Many colleges and universities have closed and some will not be opening up for the remainder of the year, including the next fall semester.

A survey conducted by the American Council on Education found that about 10% of students are unsure about the fall semester and would follow their plans if the situation is cleared. Many colleges are worried about the reopening of their campuses for the coming semester. If campuses open too early, the spread of COVID-19 can be drastic. 

The large number of students requesting a gap year is alarming because, in the following years, there will be more applicants for colleges, thus making higher education more competitive for the next set of high school seniors. 

There are some benefits for taking a gap year such as career and field exploration and community service. Students can also use the gap year to harness more skills and prepare for college.