This Pandemic Has Changed Our World


Jasmine Morales, Staff Reporter

Covid-19 has closed down most stores, beaches, schools and has kept everyone in their home for a while now. It’s funny to me that before this whole quarantine people wanted to stay in the comfort of homes and never leave it. Now when they are demanded to stay home, people are frustrated and are eager to leave their homes. It shows that everybody wants what they can’t have.

During this quarantine I have stayed in the comfort of my bed, binged watched 20 shows and 8 movies, ate every time I was bored or hungry, decorated my room, and have worn the same 3 outfits all the time. There are some benefits from being in quarantine and away from people, but there will be a time I will miss the company of my friends and having great laughs. I know that this pandemic has changed our world and after this is all over, many things we love will have changed too because of it, and I won’t care anymore as long as I can go anywhere other than just my house or the grocery store.