Pets During Quarantine


Alexis Greer, Staff Reporter

As a person who loves animals, I would LOVE to own a pet but my parents will never let me, recently we did move from Texas to Chino Hills into an apartment. My parents have come to the realization that I should get a pet, but I have to wait till we get a house which is disappointing, but at least I will be getting one. I do have a dog at the moment, but he is in Texas and I miss him very much, he is a 2 year old Siberian husky. It would be nice to own a pet with everything going on right now, and I’m sure your pets are happy too as they get to play with you a lot more. If you have dogs I’m sure you are waking them more and they love it, and it’s good for you as you are getting out and getting exercise. In general, pets are very good companions as they love you unconditionally and they don’t judge and will just love you, I definitely recommend getting pets and if you want a pet make sure you do the research because it’s sad when loveable adorable little animals get thrown into small homes that barely care for them. Stay safe, respectful, responsible, and stay home.