Pursuit of Happiness



Desiree Rogers, Staff Reporter

As negativity swarms, the earth due to a pandemic that alters life as we know it, the appetite for desirable materials, and the yearning for a lavish life that is feasible for any given person on earth are at an all-time high.  However, it’s safe to say that all this inclination is an attempt at discovering the most sought after feeling on earth; happiness. It is an age-old question that has stood the dawn of time, such that some of the most astute philosophers could not agree on a tangible definition. However, the correlation of ideas between Daniel H. Haybron, Epictetus, and Daniel Gilbert had overlapping ideas that compounded to create a relative definition.

Daniel Hayborn incorporates the notion of happiness as a moment in the present time. Whereas, Epictetus focuses on the notion of people getting swallowed up on concerns that are out of their control. Lastly, Daniel Gilbert concludes on the effect that expectations have on one’s happiness. These philosophers integrate the concept that the best way to maximize happiness, is to minimize the mind’s stress. Therefore, happiness can be defined as a state of emotional well-being at a particular moment in time that relieves the body of any past or occurring stress.