Why Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Different Than The Others



Azucena Figueroa, Staff Reporter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a couple of months now and it still surprises with new things from start to finish.

The first thing noticeably different is that you do not meet Rover, a red-eyed cat who would join you on your trip to your new place. He is replaced by the nookling twins, two small tanooki-like animals. This is where another difference is as the characters do not ask for your gender, but instead your style and lets you customize your character. This is new and allows those who are not subject to a gender to design their character with male or female hairstyles. This is also not locked in place, so you can always go back and change yourself up. The next major thing is the choice to have a northern or southern hemisphere. This allows the player to experience the weather which is useful due to quarantine. The prologue of the game ends with you at a campfire with your fellow islanders. This is the end of the first day and your game finally links up to the real-world clock.

The game continues with you doing the assignments or quests from Tom Nook, the uncle of the Nookling Twins, and the owner of the island. This is new as in the previous games, they did not give you quests daily unless you talked to your fellow neighbors. After doing many chores for him, you will unlock things like the store, the museum, and even upgrade the resident services tent. This is different as in the other games, everything was given to you right away to let you roam around freely.

Once you upgrade the resident services tent to a building, you will unlock a character named Isabelle who will then help you reach your island to a 3-star rating. Upon doing this, you will have the in-game star, K.K. Slider, a white dog with a guitar, and he will start coming to your island every Saturday to play for you. He will be there all day, but you will only be able to request and be given songs, at 6 pm your time.

Once you have your first concert, which can be the day after reaching 3 stars, you will be given a tool never in the games previously, called the Construction app, which unlocks transforming. This makes your island completely different from everyone else as you can destroy the cliffs or rivers on the island, and build it up to your liking. This concludes the tasks given by Tom Nook, and you have finished what I like to call story mode. After this, you will be able to do what you please within the game limits.

That finishes the actual plot of the game, but you don’t have to stop there. A bunch of extra items is given to you from almost the very start, such as traveling to a friend’s island. The game now allows up to 8 players, unlike the others which only allowed up to 4. The game also allows a place called Harv’s Island where you can use your villagers to make fun photos or good thumbnails, depending on if you’re a YouTuber. The game also allows you to learn crafting recipes which you can use to make items and decorate your island to your liking. The game is very different and once you pick it up, you can’t put it down.