Sydney Ellen Rocking Through 2020


Paige Faia, Staff Reporter

I recently found out about an artist named Sydney Ellen. She is a lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter in her own band! On April 17, 2020, Sydney Ellen released her new album, “Imperfect.” Sydney has been in and out of  ”YouTube and Instagram” and has even been highlighted on the YouTube series, “My Favorite Riff” hosted by Motley Crue’s co-founder, Nikki Sixx. Sydney has many great songs in her newest album.

A couple of songs I really liked were “Bella’s Song” and “Alive.” Another great album by Sydney is “Say Goodbye.” Sydney is a great inspiration to young girls who are interested in creating music. Music is being painted today that Rock Music is dead, these young girls are showing that Rock isn’t just for men. Sydney Ellen doesn’t just bring production capacity as a performer, she brings a tone and feels that is missing in Rock Music today.

Sydney is one of the numerous female performers advancing in the present music business. That business isn’t simply making collections and visiting these days. There are worthwhile choices for all performers to help keep their music dreams alive currently like on the web. Promoting, posting videos, and even sending messages, works your way up in becoming a star. Sydney Ellen is an amazing artist and I hope to hear more from her as she continues to write songs.