Animal Crossing Craze


Alyssa Gordon, Staff Reporter

Besides focusing on distance learning, the boredom that quarantine leads to may be on the decline due to the popular game Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is a life simulation game that has been around since 2001, but the version that is sparking interest lately is the one on Nintendo Switch that came out on March 20. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is likable for its cute characters and simplistic yet intriguing gameplay. When you start the game, your character moves to a deserted island where you can interact with the animal characters and make the island more established over time. 

One of the key reasons this new version of Animal Crossing is so successful is because of the feature that allows you to visit your friends’ islands. Social distancing is not easy, but playing an addicting fun game with friends can make it bearable for the time being. Even though you may not be able to see your friends in real life, for now, you can see their virtual characters and communicate while playing a game. 

Not everyone may have a Nintendo Switch, but there are several versions of Animal Crossing that have come out over the years all having a similar premise. In 2017, a version for iOS and Android was released called Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that features the player building up their own campsite instead of an island. You can do many of the same gameplay actions that you can in New Horizons in the mobile version such as fishing and collecting a variety of items for your character. If you’re interested in a new way to spend your time, Animal Crossing just might be the game for you.