Hydros at School

June 11, 2020

The Newest Trend is the Popular Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The Newest Trend is the Popular Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles

As young adults living in this modern-day and age, we seem to have complete control over pop culture and what is socially accepted by our peers. As of recently, the newest trend is the extremely popular vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle.

The very popular water bottle seems to be associated with a new clique of people known as VSCO girls. Now obviously the water bottle has great insulation allowing the liquid inside to stay either very cold or hot for long periods of time, but what really makes these water bottles so special? Nothing.

These water bottles have become popular completely at random. This recent trend seemingly has no real foundation, yet it seems that it will continue even longer. The Hydro Flask is obviously effective at keeping water cool for long periods of time, and for some people purchasing one is understandable.

Behind Every Hydro is a Person

Behind Every Hydro is a Person

It is nearly impossible to look down a hallway at Chino Hills High School without seeing at least one Hydro Flask. Hydro Flasks, popular with high school and college students, certainly did not miss CHHS. Although hydros are certainly a trend, it seems that no two are alike. With many colors to choose from, and many stickers available, personalization is a must for many hydro owners. 

Olivia Greene, for example, has used many stickers to decorate her Hydro Flask exactly to her taste. The hydro she currently uses is her third one. She lost two previously, leaving one of the two at Denny’s. She had gone there with other cast and crew members after a theatre performance. She is unlikely to lose her current one though, as it is decorated in a way that is specific to her.

The first sticker she added says, “Feminist,” a badge of honor to Olivia. She also has three stickers she bought from a store in LA. While many Hydro stickers have some significance to the owner, some are for fun too. Olivia bought some sticker books from the Dollar Tree to add some flair and decoration because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like some fun stickers? Finally, Olivia put her name on her hydro in rhinestone letter stickers, really making it hers.

While hydros are an extra outlet for teens to show off their style, they also do have an important function: they hold water. After describing all of her stickers, Olivia said, “I like my hydro. It keeps my water cold.” If teens are going to keep a water bottle with them (and stay hydrated) why not have a little fun in the process and personalize it?


What’s the SKSK-Story Behind Your Hydro Flask?

What's the SKSK-Story Behind Your Hydro Flask?

Many trends are storming throughout the internet and made their way to CHHS. One trend was the Hydro Flasks. I interviewed several people, starting with Sofia Turner. I asked Sofia, “Do you have a Hydroflask? And why?” Sofia replied saying, “I don’t have a Hydro Flask, but I do have a thermo flask.” A thermo flask is a metal water bottle, similar to a Hydro Flask. She also said, “I got one because it keeps my water cold and it is inexpensive.”

I asked some of my friends if they had a Hydro Flask and most of them didn’t have one, but they had other versions of metal water bottles.  My friends and other classmates had Hydro Flasks with many different types of stickers on them.

The stickers they had on their bottles were things that they liked such as outer space, video games, and other trending things. Other things people put on their Hydro Flasks are scrunchies and friendship bracelets. These can give your Hydro Flask a stylish look when you take them to game practice or just to have when walking around. It’s important to have a Hydro Flask, thermo flask, or any water bottle because it’s easier to carry water to keep you hydrated during the day.

Interview With A Hydro Flask Enthusiast

Interview With A Hydro Flask Enthusiast

“And I oop, sksksks”…is something you might hear a VSCO girl saying, as you listen to her talk to her friends while walking in the hallways of Chino Hills High School. As the VSCO girl sips her expensive coffee from her metal straw, you notice that she is holding a Hydro Flask in her right hand.

 In 2019, Hydro Flasks have become extremely popular, especially among those that are VSCO girls. However, you don’t necessarily need to be a VSCO girl to appreciate VSCO culture or to own a Hydro Flask.

Enter Gonzalo Mercado. Gonzalo is a freshman here at Chino Hills High School. He’s in my Biology class, and I always notice his colorful Hydro Flask. As I interviewed him about his beloved Hydro Flask, I ended up discovering some interesting information.

He bought his Hydro Flask at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $20 when it was on sale. He says that his Hydro Flask was a limited edition one, and is named Marwen (for the record, he actually calls his Hydro Flask that). 

His Hydro Flask is decorated with various stickers. His favorite sticker on the Hydro Flask is a sticker he got from passing his CPR exam in his health class. Gonzalo considers this moment a very important milestone in his freshman year. In the future, he is planning to buy a sticker of the Google logo to put on his Hydro Flask.

The most unique thing about it is the painting that covers nearly half of it. The painting is inspired by the cover of singer Shawn Mendes’s album Shawn Mendes. Gonzalo says that he is a big fan of Shawn Mendes and that his favorite song by the singer is the popular pop hit Stitches. The painting was done by his friend Haadiyah, who used acrylic paint to create the painting. 

Gonzalo is a great example of why Hydro Flasks have become so popular these days. He shows how students are using Hydro Flasks to represent themselves, whether by throwing stickers or other artistic ways. Perhaps this is why high schoolers are drawn to these metal water bottles after all. 


Hydros at School

Hydros at School

Almost every student nowadays has a water bottle that keeps their water cool throughout the school day. One of those students is a freshman at Chino Hills High named Sofia Barillas. She has a pink water bottle and she needs this considering the fact that she has color guard practice sometimes and it’s been getting hot outside.

Another thing lots of kids have with their water bottles are stickers and sometimes they will have meanings, one sticker Sophia has is her Chicago Blackhawks which is a hockey team that she and her dad root for. Another sticker she has is a #ICanHelp sticker which she got from an assembly at her old school and it means that we need to stop negativity on social media. Another sticker she has, which is her favorite, is a Baymax sticker that she got from her cousin. She also has a Bears and a say hello sticker that doesn’t really have meanings but her cousin gave it to her so she used them.

Not your Ordinary Water Bottle

Courtesy of each respective Hydro Flask owner: Taylor Tinsley, Cameron Popkins,
and Katie Seto. Each Hydro Flask is unique and reflects the owner’s personality: Taylor’s
Hydro flask is covered with stickers meaningful to her- Stranger Things, “Cats and caps”, and
Steve Carrell from “The Office”. Katie used her Hydro Flask as a canvas to paint a design
meaningful to her.

Photo by Noa Now

Courtesy of each respective Hydro Flask owner: Taylor Tinsley, Cameron Popkins, and Katie Seto. Each Hydro Flask is unique and reflects the owner’s personality: Taylor’s Hydro flask is covered with stickers meaningful to her- Stranger Things, “Cats and caps”, and Steve Carrell from “The Office”. Katie used her Hydro Flask as a canvas to paint a design meaningful to her.

If you step foot onto a high school campus in California, you will not make it far without noticing a plethora of brightly colored stainless steel water bottles decorated with stickers and the occasional dent. Owning a Hydro Flask has become a popular trend on campus. All across the spectrum of Chino Hills High students, at least two out of five students own this product, and if not, have probably considered getting one.

Now you may wonder, what makes this particular product so popular? After all, isn’t it just a water bottle? I didn’t understand much of the appeal of the Hydro flask until I realized that the vacuum-insulated bottle is not the thing that makes it super cool (although 12 hours of ice-cold water sounds amazing) it is the name that is associated with it.

Whether it was intentional or not, owning a Hydro Flask has become a fundamental of campus culture. This item is a symbol of the status quo. There are a number of times where I have had to defend my nameless insulated water bottle. “Nope, I don’t have stickers on it”, “Nope, I don’t have to buy a separate cap for it”, “Yes, I have multiple dents on it because I’ve had it for three years before its skyrocket rise in popularity, plus, I’m a complete klutz, and as a result, guilty of committing the crime of dropping it… several times.”

I am not trying to bash at the rise of the Hydro Flasks. Owning one is completely great! In fact, they are actually fashionable, trendy, and efficient. According to a new Hydro Flask owner, Sunho Lee, “I own one because they are very effective and efficient at keeping my drink hot or cold and because it is popular amongst people.”

In the age of increasing environmental distress over the crisis of climate change, the single-use plastic water bottles have been questioned, and owning a Hydro Flask is one way to help the environment. Surely, reusing a Hydro Flask instead of using plastic bottles once and throwing them away is more advantageous for the environment.

Along with its advantages compared to the reusable plastic water bottle, HydroFlasks have a  double-wall vacuum-sealed stainless steel interior that has made it easy to keep beverages hot or cold for longer periods of time. According to the Design life cycle, “the lids for the bottles are made of polypropylene and the strap is thermoplastic polyurethane. Many companies have already made similar double wall vacuum sealed stainless steel bottles, but Hydro Flask takes into consideration function as well as design.

According to another Hydro Flask owner, “Honestly I bought a Hydro Flask because I always would forget to drink water throughout the day when I would take water bottles. So holding the Hydro Flask all day helps me remember. And I was looking for an excuse to paint something else and thought it’d be fun to be able to carry around something that I had worked on.” -Katie Seto

Adding on to the advanced technology behind the Hydro Flask the design is another factor that has made the product so popular. The simple bottle comes in various shapes including the wide mouth, standard mouth, and even options for kids! As well as the different sizes ranging from 18 oz. to its biggest size- 64 oz.

On the Hydro Flask website, there is an option where you can design your own Hydro Flask to fit perfectly to your own preference. There are different colors you can choose from and the perfect canvas for those who want to design their bottles with stickers of their choice or paint them.

Hydro Flask Obsession at CHHS

Hydro Flask Obsession at CHHS

Throughout Chino Hills High School, you may hear the squeaky sounds of unscrewing lids and the clunky bangs of metal from the most crazed and popular water bottle, the Hydro Flask. The overwhelming popularity of these reusable water bottles has allowed students to become creative, and personalize their water bottles with stickers that reveal their personalities.

I talked to the fellow Hydro Flask owner, Zach Ramos, in order to gather more details about why he loves his Hydro, and why he thinks these bottles are so popular in the first place. Zach’s Hydro Flask is a deep shade of green, with an abundance of colorful and cheerful stickers. When asked why he chose green as the color for his Hydro, he answered: “Green has always been my favorite color, and I thought it would be a good background color for the stickers I wanted to put on my Hydro.”

Speaking of stickers, Zach’s Hydro Flask is filled with trendy stickers that show off his fun personality. According to Zach, his favorite stickers are the sticker of President Obama, his Wahoo’s stickers, and a sticker that says “American Teen”- which is a reference to his favorite singer, Khalid. He loves his stickers because “They allow me to show off the things I like, and I am able to personalize my Hydro.”

Zach believes the popularity of the Hydro Flask is so enormous due to the fact that your water will stay cool all day, and they act as a tangible reminder to stay hydrated. The Hydro Flask has become a common trend of the CHHS culture, and as long as students feel the need to drink water and stay hydrated, this trend is not going anywhere.

Hydro Flasks: A Popular Trend at CHHS

Hydro Flasks: A Popular Trend at CHHS

Hydro Flasks are a popular water bottle brand because of their ability to keep water cold all day. While Hydro Flasks were meant to be a resourceful way to drink water, they have become extremely popular, and students at Chino Hills High School enjoy showing them off.

Why do students love their Hydro Flasks? I interviewed senior, Becky Huff about the story behind her Hydro. “I received my Hydro Flask as a birthday present from my older brother. He got it for me so that I could have plenty of cold water for choir rehearsals and Polynesian Club practices.” Along with having cold water available all day, many Hydro Flask users flaunt their bottles by decorating them with paint or stickers. Becky told me about the stickers on her Hydro, “It has two stickers. One has the outline of a pine tree on it and the other has a circle that says ‘Every day counts, Keep exploring.’ Both of them are from Hume Lake, a camp I go to every summer with my church.

The stickers remind me of good times and cheer me up when I look at them.” While Hydro Flasks were supposed to conveniently keep water cold for users, they have become objects of sentimental value. While the trend may be hard to understand for those who do not own Hydro Flasks, the popularity of Hydros is beneficial because they help reduce plastic and help people stay hydrated.

Drinking Water a New Trend?

Drinking Water a New Trend?

With trends coming in and out of school, we see things like hairstyles, clothes, phone cases, dances, and much more. However, with the introduction of a new trend, we see something we haven’t really seen before Hydro Flasks.

A Hydro Flask is an insulated water bottle that keeps water/drinks cold or warm for extended periods of time. While many have used these since they came out, Hydro Flasks have certainly gained popularity over the last year. With the introduction of “VSCO girls”, a stereotype used to describe people who wear scrunchies on their arms and use the phrases “sksksksksks” and “and I oop-”, the Hydro Flask has been attributed to them.

However, unlike many popular trends, Hydro Flasks are not something just for show. According to a Hydro Flask enthusiast Noa Noh, “they keep my drinks very cold when I need them to”. People have also begun the trend of putting stickers on their Hydro Flasks, advertising local businesses, and putting things from jokes to funny statements.

In the mornings when many are tired and hope to stay awake for the rest of the day, especially when running off of maybe a couple hours of sleep, Hydro Flasks are a good thing to have. They allow students to carry tea and hot drinks that remain hot throughout their morning, allowing them to use this as an opportunity to stay awake at school. Without a doubt, while Hydro Flasks may seem just like a trend, they do serve a valuable purpose when you need a hot or cold drink to last through the day


Roxy the Hydro Flask


Her name is Roxy, and  Roxy is about 1 year old. This Hydro Flask belongs to Isabella Aguilar. She has a painting of sunflowers on it. The sunflowers represent Tyler the Creator. It represents him because of one of his albums where he’s standing in a sunflower field.

So she decided that it would be interesting to see if not only she can paint on a canvas but if she could paint on a Hydro Flask. She loves all of Tyler the Creators music and wanted to see if she could recreate the background as shown in the photo. The Hydro Flask used to be aqua blue with a white lid but now it has a black lid with a sunflower field. Also earlier she had painted a sunset at the beach because the beach is like her home away from home.<3

The Best Water Bottle Money Can Buy

The Best Water Bottle Money Can Buy

Buying a Hydro Flask is not a bad idea. The Hydro Flasks are BPA free and are temperature insulated so you can keep your drinks cool all day long. As long as your willing to shell out a few extra dollars to get a Hydro Flask it can be totally worth it. If you don’t have the few extra dollars to buy a Hydro Flask there are hundreds of other water bottles to choose from that work just as well.

Many people have water bottles and Hydro Flasks at Chino Hills High but I have a water bottle that I
exclusively keep at my house so it can stay safe. I have never really owned a water bottle before because I always drank the single-use plastic water bottles but since I realized how horrible those are for the environment I have been trying to make an effort to try and stop using them.

I received my water bottle from my aunt after she had extras. It always reminds me of my extended family and Utah because that’s where I used to live. Whenever I have the water bottle it always reminds me of the good times with my family, so that is why I believe that my water bottle is the best water bottle money can buy.

Do You Have a Hydro?

Do You Have a Hydro?

Hydro Flasks have become one of the most popular trends in the past few years.  They are water containers that keep water cold for over twenty – four hours. They have become a necessity for most high school students.  They come in several different sizes, from 20 ounces to 64 ounces. Hydros have become so popular because of their convenience and their uniqueness.  There are a variety of colors and stickers to add to these beloved water bottles.

Mykenzie Hanna, a junior here at Chino Hills Hills High School, has a 32 ounce hydro that is a red, white, and blue ombre.  When asked if she had stickers on her Hydro Flask, she responded, “I don’t have stickers because the color of my hydro is too pretty.”  She got her hydro on the Fourth of July during an Independence Day special. The red, white, and blue ombre is what makes Mykenzie’s hydro unique.  

Natalie Moussa, another junior at CHHS, has a 40-ounce solid black Hydro Flask.  She has stickers on hers to give it life. There is a sunflower sticker because she said it’s pretty.  She also has a CHHS sticker and a softball sticker. Natalie plans to add a turtle sticker because she wants to “save the turtles”.  She has had her hydro for a year and it has quite a few dents on it. The hydro has unique stickers and dents.  

Jenna Ruiz, also a junior at CHHS, tells me about her old hydro that she lost.  It was a teal blue 40 ounce hydro that she loved very much. It had a turtle and ocean sticker to give it a unique ocean vibe.  The stickers came from Hawaii, which makes it more authentic. It is evident that Hydro Flasks are a necessity for people and they hold a special place in Hydro Flask owners’ hearts.  


Hydro Flask Craze

Julia Craig

Julia Craig

What if I told you there has been a popular trend that has been going on for so long, it is starting to be accepted as normal. This phenomenon is the Hydro Flask, and I interviewed none other than Julia Craig, someone who is a part of this trend. Julia is a senior at Chino Hills High School and she got into the craze of getting her first Hydro Flask in April of 2018 when ombre first came out.

She knew right then and there she had to have one. She bought hers online and has since got three more. Today Julia brought her favorite, a Hydro Flask with 7 different items, all with their own story. Up top, there is a wristband that she found while at a Husky baseball game. Julia got an Eastbay sticker from when she went to a CIF basketball game in Long Beach. She has the famous Apple sticker that she got with her Mac. Julia is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos, so it would make sense that her favorite sticker is one from a game that she attended in Colorado.

Naturally, she has also has a Huskies sticker to show her school spirit. There is a Starbucks sticker she got from the Starbucks tent at our school’s fair on the first day of school. Finally, she has a Louisville sticker when she bought her softball bat. Julia Craig loves her Hydro and would not even consider sharing it with her brother.

I love my hydro!!!” -Julia Craig


All About the Hydro Flask Craze

All About the Hydro Flask Craze

Reusable water bottles have become a very popular trend for all age groups, especially young adults, including those at Chino Hills High. While there are many brands of reusable water bottles the Hydro Flask is the most common.

Hydro Flasks come in many different sizes and colors and it isn’t usual to see students carrying them throughout the school day. The Hydro Flask company was founded in 2009, but popularity sparked in recent years resulting in the craze. Students love to personalize their reusable water bottles with stickers and even keychains such as the water bottle owned by Fiona Hagan.

Fiona keeps a stuffed animal whale that she calls Harry on the water bottle that she carries every day. Other students keep meaningful stickers that they have collected on their water bottles to represent them and what they love or believe in.

Reusable water bottles such as Hydro Flasks are much more convenient than carrying around a plastic bottle because it keeps the drink inside cold all day. This is especially important for those in sports and extracurricular activities because they are at school for long periods of time and drinking water is essential. Another thing about using a reusable water bottle is that it is helpful for the environment when used correctly. There are many students who fill up their water bottles with plastic bottled water because they think it tastes better or it is easier, but others fill them with tap or filtered water. Due to the customizability and convenience, it is clear that the Hydro Flask trend will stay relevant for years to come. 


Hydro Flasks Have Taken Over the Gen Z Population


The Hydroflask is a combination of the colors dark blue and light teal. Her “Vans ‘OFF THE WALL’” sticker is prominently shown as well as her “Tea Time with WDW” with steaming mugs. 

Hydro Flasks have basically taken over the Gen Z population. The trend has swept over Chino Hills High School. Many of the whole population in CHHS has a Hydro Flask. Hydro Flasks come in all different colors and sizes and the water bottle is customizable as well.

Sydney Bui, a Husky who is a big fan of the Hydro Flasks got her hydro at the beginning of last May. She got her hydro for no specific occasion, although it was because when she first saw it, she said it was “pretty”. Her previous hydro was “dented and gross” since she had it for a while.

She has stickers on her hydro, two of them from “Tea Time with WDW” that represents her favorite band of all time, and her other sticker is a butterfly because it means something special to her. They appear when the times get hard almost like a representation that it will get better with time. Another reason why she chose to buy a hydro in the first place was that it is a source of hydration and it’s pretty with stickers that mean a lot to her. 




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