Notorious RBG: A Determined Strong Woman


Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent 13 years in the Supreme Court.

Paige Faia, Howler Reporter

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a  justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death. She was the first woman to be on the Supreme Court. She was born and grew up in Brooklyn New York. 

When Ruth Ginsburg was in college she passed first in her classes. She also worked as a lawyer after getting her law degree. Later on, Ruth spent most of her time solving and promoting gender equality. She directed the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union during the 1970s. One of her greatest achievements was, fighting against gender discrimination. Ruth Bader Ginsburg continued to fight and work while having several health complications. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a fighter and made sure to stay fit during her hard times with health, she didn’t want her health to get in the way with things she liked and enjoyed doing. Ruth said “As long as I can do the job full steam, I will stay here. I think I will know when I’m no longer able to think as lucidly, to remember as well, to write as fast.” She was an inspiration to others and we should strive to remember her great doings while serving on the Supreme Court.