We Need to Stay Strong and Fight On



The change back to normal is not going to be easy.

Eric Gao, Howler Reporter

There may be many problems when we go back to school after distance learning and there is no exception. The threat of Covid-19 is not yet past us and we all still need the inclusion of masks and sanitation.

The fact that this pandemic even happened has been a pain in the back for everyone around the world. The change back to normal life will also be a pain but there’s no way out of it and we just have to get past this horrific year. The change back to school is also going to be hard since Covid-19 targets the young side along with the elderly. There will of course be strong sanitation in place along with social distancing but we all must keep strong and win against Covid at the end

Although the reopening of public buildings means that the fight against Covid is starting to end, that does not mean that we can stop with the procedures in place, or else it will all be in vain. So we need to stay strong and fight on.