Are Students Going to Be Able To Go Back To School?


Two Kinds are bumping elbows instead of coming in contact With their hands. They are wearing masks to reduce the Spread of covid.

Wynter Thomas, Howler Reporter

Across the world, many people are doing different things about going back to school. We are trying to open schools back safely so no one gets Covid-19. Some people are going back to school but everyone is wearing a mask. This can affect a lot of kids and parents. Kid’s families are highly affected by the shift in back-to-school plans.  Low-income families would really be affected by this or kids with only one parent around.

Some people say that because of Covid-19 kids are able to become smarter and more advanced because of all the technology around them. Schools in low-income areas are being highly affected because a lot of the kids don’t have access to technology and the schools might not have enough to give out to students. Dr. Lewis says that it is important to keep kids learning at this time because if they fall behind right now they will most likely not be able to catch up in the future. I think all schools should be provided a laptop and internet so kids can learn. Even in low-income areas. Laptops and internet access should be free. Many people are being affected by this hard time and it is important that we all do our best.