The Importance of the Electoral College


Why the Electoral College is important

Binjun Gao, Howler Reporter

Many say that the Electoral College makes their votes irrelevant and that the Electoral College should be disbanded and removed from the U.S. but here are some reasons why the Electoral College is so important

To those who don’t know how the Electoral College works all the votes from each state are counted and the candidate that has the most votes gets the electoral votes. This is quite efficient since counting everyone’s votes all at once would cause mass confusion because there are a total of 328.2 million people in the U.S. Changing the Electoral College will also cause a lot of trouble since changing a system that is so large will definitely result in a country-wide conflict.

If you’re wondering why changing the Electoral College will cause a country-wide conflict let’s just say that the human species aren’t exactly known for accepting change, just look at the Covid pandemic for an example.