Rest in Peace, Mr. Browning


Cameron Thomas, Staff Writer

Mr. Browning sadly passed away on July 16th from cancer

This article was written by Cameron Thomas, Staff Writer, 4 years ago (October 6, 2016 )

Getting to Know Mr. Browning

I’m almost certain that many Huskies have seen Mr. Browning around the school, whether during passing period, nutrition, or lunch.  I was granted the opportunity to sit down with him for an interview to discuss his job and learn more about him. So, if you’ve never had the good fortune of having him as a teacher, read on as you get to know more about this charismatic man.

A Dallas, Texas native, David Browning was born on March 19th, 1970 (46 years old and proud). He stayed in Dallas until he was 25 years old and similar to most he prefers the weather in California. While in college with the intention of becoming a lawyer, he was persuaded by his roommates to try substitute teaching and wound up finding his niche. Mr. Browning made it known how much he truly loves and appreciates his job, and I can honestly attest to this as a student of his; he invests much of himself in his work and realizes the influence he has as an educator.

“If Students haven’t walked away with a positive experience I haven’t done my job.”

He currently teaches Public Speaking, AP Government, US History, and AVID. He says the best part about his job is feeling as if he has made an impact on his students; however, the worst part is knowing that he can only do so much. He understands that many students have struggles and difficulties outside of school and as a result; his goal is to make his class feel like a safe haven.

He says, “If Students haven’t walked away with a positive experience I haven’t done my job.” Mr. Browning truly believes that each one of his students was brought to him for a reason and with credence like that it’s apparent that he has the right attitude for his job. He feels passionate about what he does which reflects in his teaching and will go out of his way to create the most positive learning environment possible.