Journalism Class is Making Moves


Andres Alandete, Staff Writer

The 2016-2017 school year of the Journalism program of Chino Hills High school is proving to be a big one so far. Ms. Dorado has had big plans for this program, and we have started to publish the newspaper not only in print, but now the newspaper is online, with great success. The Journalism students are now allowed to publish news and events ongoing at CHHS the moment they happen. You can check out the Journalism program, and the articles put out by its staff at The Journalism program is also trying to get the rest of the school involved by encouraging students at CHHS to write articles and submit them to [email protected] to possibly be published on the newspaper online site. Journalism also has a new Journalism club that is open to all students of Chino Hills High. Anyone is welcome to join, if you are interested in joining you can speak with Ms. Dorado in room 270. Also, if you would like to take Journalism next year and be a part of the school newspaper, see your counselor, or Ms. Dorado for more information. In addition, Journalism has done such a great job this year; we were featured in the last pep rally. Journalism will continue to thrive this year and for years to come, especially with such a great instructor like Ms. Dorado.