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Christian Club

September 12, 2017

Last week, Chino Hills High School had Club Rush. Club Rush is an event that is held during the third week of school every day during lunch to for students to check out and join the clubs around the school. The clubs range of a variety of things, such as, Feminism, Politics, Volunteer Work, Comedy, Religion, Hobbies, Ethnicities, and Cultures. For feminism, there are clubs like The CHHS Modern Feminist Club, and The CHHS Girl Up Club. For Politics or Debating, there are The CHHS United Nations Club, which debates and discusses issues going on throughout our world. One club that specifically stands out is the CHHS Christians On Campus Club. This club meets every Thursday to motivate and encourage each other with their faith and devotion to God. Every week there is things happening at Christian Club, such as a guest speaker who could talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, or, there could be a Bible Study where all the club members gather in small groups to discuss the message and Bible verses that relate to them on an everyday basis.

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