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Club Rush Week

September 12, 2017

Club Rush Week, which took place on the third week of school, is now behind us. And with that, most people are returning to the clubs they were in last year, while some are trying out a brand-new experience with a new club. Whether you’re joining a club to put on your college application, or just because you thought it would be fun to join, because you genuinely like the topic. There’s no denying that you’re going to make many new friends, and have a great time. They had a great sense of variety with all the clubs per usual, with everything ranging from Red Cross and Key Club with an emphasis on volunteer work and helping others. To ACE Club and LGBTQ Club, which are both about gathering with other people to discuss their beliefs. All the way to Cinema Club and Digital Club, which is more about you participating in activities that you like with other people who share the same interests as you. Even if you missed Club Rush week for whatever reason, most clubs will still accept you as long as you don’t show up too late to the meetings. Now whether you got lured into a club with the promise of free stuff, your friend forced you to join, or you actually wanted to join the club because you wanted to join it, it’s always best to go into things with a positive attitude. This is great advice for life too.

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