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The Animal Rescue League

September 12, 2017

One of the various clubs featured at Club Rush week was the Animal Rescue League. This club was created to help animals in need of rescue and to ensure that people adopt, not shop. Many students are joining, all which share the same mindset: caring for all kinds of sheltered animals and wanting to see every one of them happy. Cats, dogs, and any other kind of creature you could think of will all be included in this club’s activity agenda. Once you sign up for the Animal Rescue League, you will be a part of all kinds of activities such as zoo trips, shelter volunteering, dog walking, and promoting ideas like spaying and neutering. All these activities will of course be beneficial to animals in need. This club meets on campus every other Wednesday at 1:38pm. Now, you may be asking, “How will this club benefit me if I decided to join?” Well, the Animal Rescue League benefits both the students and animals involved in it. The animals get cared for and loved by the students while getting some well-needed exercise and attention. The students benefit from this club by being a part of something worthwhile and know that they are doing something good for defenseless animals. Out of many, many clubs, the Animal Rescue League is definitely one worth your time and effort to participate in.


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