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Chino Hills High Garden Club

October 30, 2017

Imagine cultivating a vegetable garden. The soil and plants need the supports of nutrients, demonstrate biological processes, and provide concrete examples of scientific principles. A garden can portray a creative expression and serve as a source of artistic inspiration. A garden can serve as academic pursuits, expand the knowledge of the environment, can be incorporated and used to its fullest academic, experimental, and social potentials, not only outside but surrounded by the knowledgeable minds of students at a school. Chino Hills High School has innovated inside the campus at the modules by the Garden Club. The Garden Club is a new club on the campus and formed last year. They earned a $2,000 grant from the Bo-ing Company to create a vegetable garden. Chino Hills High School is the first high school the Bo-ing Company partnered with and will hopefully continue to partner with throughout the course of the years. So far participants in the Garden Club contributed in planting a variety of vegetables and fruits such as lettuce, tomato, basil, peas, and strawberries. They plan to plant a pumpkin patch next year as well!! A pathway was incorporated to create a pathway for the native plants. Mr. Reye’s Art Club donated signs, and the solar boat club will also contribute to the Garden Club by donating the boats in order to create benches. The club advisors are Ms. Garcia and Mr. Larson; the meetings are every Thursday during lunch in Room 256. The club and the garden are open TO EVERYONE, and it would be a fantastical innovation for students across the campus to contribute to help a healthy and open environment!!

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