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Music Appreciation Club

November 26, 2017

Club President Gio Vargas

Club President Gio Vargas

There are many clubs on campus here at Chino Hills High School. Some clubs are very well known, like KEY Club or the Tree-Huggers Club, but there is also another great club to add to this list, because everyone should take note of and take part in it. I am talking about the Music Appreciation Club. In this club, everyone’s favorite artists, albums, and bands are discussed, allowing people to have an insight on new genres of music that they have never even heard of before. This helps to introduce people to new music and hopefully make them appreciate other types of music; hence, the club name. At the end of discussions a playlist is made, on Apple Music or Spotify, where one can listen to the types of music that the club members suggested. The club also goes on small field trips, going to concerts of cool and interesting artists who are discussed during club meetings. In December, the club is planning to attend a Steve Lacy concert, in order to introduce people to the music and hopefully make them like it. What makes this club so unique is that everyone in the club has different tastes in music. Everyone has their own genre, and they share it with others. This sharing of information allows a lot of new music to be heard and many people to suddenly have something in common with each other. President, Gio Vargas (pictured), says that the club’s main goal is to “ expose everyone to new artists that they may like and hopefully love”. If one were looking to gain some more knowledge on a specific genre of music, or be exposed to music that they have never heard before, then the Music Appreciation Club would be the best fit for them.

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