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Fashion Club Annual Fashion Show was a Hugh Success!

Danna Batarni, Staff Writer

Fashion, glamor, and beauty were presented by the Chino Hill High School Fashion Club for their Annual Fashion Show and it was fantastic! The tickets were free, and the theatre seats were filled to a full house! Students from any grade, age, and gender were able to join and become a part of this amazing experience. The Fashion Club at Chino Hills High School is the most recent club that has gradually increased in membership and is becoming well known on campus. From having a page in the yearbook dedicated to fashion, to hosting their very own fashion show with nonstop visitors coming to watch is absolutely incredible. The audience was filled, and the environment was joyful and vibrant at the same time. The laughs and cheers that all the models experienced really helped them to feel more comfortable and always keeping in mind that the main goal was to have fun. Another goal for the Fashion Club advisors was to have different student models from every background. The diversity and unity that brought everyone together gave a very inspirational statement to the audience and people involved. Fashion club will be having more shows coming soon, don’t miss out Huskies!


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Fashion Club Annual Fashion Show was a Hugh Success!