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Sensational Rally to Kick Off the Year of 2018

February 4, 2018

Everyone scored a win during the ESPN sports themed rally. With a fresh start to the new year, new semester, it seems about right to host a sensational rally to kick off the year of 2018. Props go to ASB, Leadership and help from the staff, the large gym quickly turned into an ESPN SportsCenter. The rally kicked off with our one and only Spiritleaders showing CHHS spirit while performing. The event continued by recognizing the winter sport teams here at CHHS. Girls Water Polo, Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Comedy Sports, and Boys and Girls Soccer and many others were honored for their hard work and dedication to our school. The biggest moment was given to the Cross-country Team for winning the League Championship. The fun continued with getting each class involved with playing games that were enjoyable to watch. One of the moments that left the entire crowd stunned and amazed was the Boys All Male Dance Team that dominated the dance floor. Every second of the performance was choreographed amazingly. A big shout out to The Boys Dance Team!! To close out the rally, all the classes did the traditional “Husky Spell Out.” The best and only way to close out a CHHS rally is to show nothing but Husky Pride. Once again the ASB threw a spectacular rally for all the students to enjoy. Thanks to the ESPN Reporters, Veronica Mass and Gillian Dykier for being the sideline reporters for the sports themed rally. Until the next rally, continue to show your Husky Pride because we are the Pride of the Hills.

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First Time Sitting in the Stands During a Rally

The last rally we had at Chino Hills High School was a little different for me particularly because it was the first time sitting in the stands during a rally, because as a member of Drumline I’ve been a part of the rallies in the past. It was definitely different being with my other friends in the stands and being able to watch, talk, and laugh with them instead of performing. Both experiences from the floor and from the stands are unique and cool in their own way. The rally was pretty good and had the Winter Sports teams represented around the gym. There were games that had everyone laughing and talking about, but the ones who truly stole the show were the All Male Dance Team. People were cheering through the whole routine, and everyone was immediately excited the second they were announced, and after the rally was over the All Male Dance Team seemed to be the only thing people were talking about, because they were amazing. The only gripe I have after every rally is when they want us to say the Alma mater, they should have more than one tiny sign in one of the corners of the gym, because not only does no one know it…it’s impossible to read it as well! Besides that one small complaint this was a good rally.

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Getting the Inside Information From Activities Director and ASB/ Leadership Teacher, Mrs. Chiotti

Chino Hills High School just recently had their ESPN themed Winter Sports Rally. Wanting to get some inside information I went to the Activities Director and ASB/ Leadership teacher, Mrs. Chiotti for an interview. Starting off with an easy question, I asked, what was her favorite winter sport? She told me that she loved all of the sports, and that she didn’t have a favorite sport, but she did say that track was close to her heart, because that is what she used to do. Leaning more to the topic of the rally, we discussed her favorite part of any rally. She stated, “ I think that I really enjoy the games and performances, because that’s when the crowd get’s the most excited.”   For this rally, Mrs.Chiotti said that they started preparations, two weeks before Winter Break. I learned that to make a rally, it took a lot of time and persistence. Not only do you have to find a new and innovative theme, and make posters of all kinds, but also you need an engaging, well put together performance that hopefully, the student population will like. Though it takes a lot of hard work, Mrs.Chiotti, ASB, and Leadership, believe that it is 100% worth it, because the rallies bring our school together.


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