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Husky Nation Staff: Mr. Wyckoff Says Goodbye to Teaching

May 23, 2018

After 6 years of teaching Chemistry here at Chino Hills High School, and 25 years plus of various other teaching jobs and other professions, Mr. Wyckoff is finally ready to retire. He realized he wanted to be a teacher after his job at the Aluminum Foundry fell through. He had a love for kids his entire life, so he went and got his teaching credentials. From there he taught at a number of schools, including, Ruth Muster Middle School, Don Lugo, and even worked in administration at Ayala for 4 years. His first year at Chino Hills High was actually spent in administration, but he liked teaching kids immensely more. That and the amount of stress that comes with an administration job helped him to make his decision to go back to teaching. The thing that Mr. Wyckoff is going to miss the most about leaving CHHS is without a doubt the students, and the one thing he can’t wait to get away from Is the testing. In retirement Mr. Wyckoff and his wife plan to travel more, continue their love for biking, and spending more time with their family.

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